Session 1

Borus and I traveled to a strange town in the mountains after weeks spent in the wilderness. The town…well actually more of a village was a sight for sore eyes. Neither Borus or I had had a good meal or a warm bed to sleep in quite some time. We requested a few drinks from one of the villagers who was happy to oblige. After walking around the town for a bit we happened upon a strange figure crawling into a local series of caves. For lack of anything better to do we decided to follow the man (it was Borus’ idea. I was content to leave well enough alone but didn’t feel like arguing the fact. After all it is Borus we are talking about).

Perhaps it was good we did though. After a few conversations that I am sad to say I didn’t fully understand Borus and I found ourselves traveling with a lizard man, and two kobolds under the employ of a dragonborn who had promised good food, shelter, and women (bugbear women though so I wasn’t particularly interested this time but I wasn’t about to spoil Borus’ fun either). Inside underneath the mines was a serious of ancient caverns that were guarded by hideous monstrosities with hook arms and an even more deadly abomination with tentacles that lurked on the cieling in the darkness and then shifted about teleporting and vanishing from sight. It nearly finished off Borus after his daring attempt to rescue me from it. I thanked him for his valor even though it was probably uneeded. I won’t tell him that though. His heart was in the right place after all.

In the next room there was a strange alter with a dragon skull and in the corner a fascinating charred skeleton holding a potion of some sorts. After carefully examining the skeleton I determined that he was killed by a pyromancer. I tried to get the potion without breaking the skeleton but its hand crumbled to dust. Oh well he didn’t need it. I was too busy at the time to have been paying attention to what the others were doing and to be honost I didn’t care. The lizard man didn’t speak a lick of common and he always seemed angery like he got his beard in his soup. As for the kobolds I was trying to avoid them. I was hungery and kobolds make a quick meal but I didn’t want to spoil the fine dinner I was promised. Even though I was still unsure of what we were doing I was enjoying the cavaerns none the less.

Deeper underground we found an ancient village carved from Blood Rock of Baater. Not sure what the difference is between Blood Rock of Baater and regular Blood Rock is but it was impressive. I wondered around the village for a bit and took in the sights. After a while the others came and told me that we finished with whatever it was we were doing.

On the way out we gave the dragonborn the whatsit he wanted and he turned into a bloody dragon a vanished right before our eyes! For some reason the angry lizard man decide to attack one of the kobolds for that. Not really sure why. But I stepped in and helped the little guy out. After all he was pretty handy in the fight with the Pyromancer’s monstrous guardians. Didn’t want to kill the guy the so we just knocked him out and went on to claim our reward from the recently promoted (for obvious reasons) head of the mine. He made good on the promises the dragonborn had made. Though honestly the food wasn’t what I was hoping for.

During the meal Borus gave me a shiny rock and now I can speak draconic. I don’t get it but whatever. Apparently the lizard man is named Nessus and he hates everything that ever was but hates teleporting dragons the most. Oh and the kobold I saved his name is Vitrix. I think I might keep him as a pet. Anyway Nessus said he wanted to go hunt the dragon, (oh and by the way the Dragon turned out to be the pyromancer!) cause it would make him powerful. Borus and I like power so naturally we were inclined to help. So Nessus, Borus, my pet kobold, and I are gonna go kill it.

Session 1

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