In the Age before the Sundering the world was covered in water land was scarce and few races could thrive. Among these races were the Elves the Eladrin and the Dwarves. In an attempt to keep each other from warring over the minute amounts of land they formed an alliance known as the Treaty of Ohrvuus named for the largest isle that existed. In the treaty the elves would get the isle of Mhoor while the eladrin received the isle of Sooratin and the Dwarves the isle of Dwem and the three would share Ohrvuus.

Unknowing of the events to unfold time passed and the three prospered from there own interactions with each other. One day the sky grew crimson red and meteors fell from the heavens forming several more isles which eventually sprouted new life of there own as well as a new powerful race the Draconians, seeming half man, half dragon these creatures brought with them profound knowledge of science and technology as well as new religions and legends of a great artifact known only as the “World Sunder”. The Draconians did not come alone however they brought with them the goblinoid races and kobolds in addition to several other races.

Though the Draconians were extremely advanced they lacked a homeland and numbers, but among them there was one who believed even with there dwindling numbers that they could become the dominate race of the realm so war broke out between the Draconian’s and there slaves and the Treaty of Three. The war lasted merely a decade before the Draconian armies were crushed by and unknown force thought only to be there own corrupted leadership this was known as the 2nd Sundering. Though tragic as it was death and chaos were not the only thing to come from the “sundering” two new islands formed Draconis and Vellus. After the war the isles began to grow exponentially in size with no apparent reason.

With the Draconian leadership gone the Goblinoids wasted no time moving in on there masters former territory, but it was strange it was as if the Draconians dropped everything and just left. Armed to the teeth and ready for war the Goblinoids set out on there masters former objectives the conquering of the 3 isles. Lead by a mysterious leader know as the “Dragon Warlord” the armies seemed nearly unstoppable the Dwarves and the Elves decided to fight back. After a large conflict between the “Dragon Warlord” and the Dwarven high command the warlord was killed and a mysterious dagger was taken from his corpse, sensing it power the Trinity Church and the Dwaven high command decided that this was the cause of the goblinoid uprising and the decision was made to seal the object away deep within the bowels of the earth. The Dagger wouldn’t have it seemed resisting the barriers and wards set up to imprison it beneath the earth it lashed out and destroyed all of the Dwarven high command as well a several influential members of the Trinity Church although many died it was no nearly as catastrophic as what followed.

As in the olden days the sky began to rain fire once more and strange Demons, Devils, Angles, Gith, and Tieflings began to enter the world speaking of a Cataclysm on there own plane that forced them to take refuge here. Out of the chaos of the sundering crawled two new races Humans and Halflings, born of the chaotic energy released from the power of the World Sunder. Two thousand years have passed since the 3rd Sundering and word of the World Sunder was all but forgotten only briefly mentioned in ancient text, as for the Draconians they too were forgotten only having the goblins to tell tales passed down generations, but they were not totally lost Dragon born and Lizard folk claim strong lineage to the Draconians though historians can only speculate the truth behind that claim.

The Chains of Draconis

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